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0 Replies Quality What cuts of meat do you use? Looked on your website and just said fresh produce, What cuts of meat do you use for the patties? 1 Reply Quality Delicious! Hadn’t come across Smoque before now. The burgers and the fries are really really good - I preferred it to GBK and Five Guys by a long way! 0 Replies Quality Holy mother of god what is with the blue cheese. You guys are on point, but I'm not sure what happened when you decided to put blue cheese in that mushroom. Maybe it is just preference but holy mother of god I was gagging.

Other than that, keep up the good work!
0 Replies Quality AWESOME BURGERS I enjoyed that meal. Thanks SmoQue! By ADMIN TEAM* 1 Reply Delivery don't deliver to my postcode - but you do!!! On your website it states that you do not deliver to my address but you, I live about a 5 mins drive from your shop! BN2 3LN...I have to phone each time which is very inconvenient and annoying, so much so I'm now going to go elsewhere to get food. Please fix your website you must be losing lots of business. By Paul Hazell 1 Reply Quality Service was absolutely brilliant Everything was great, from service too delivery. We had a problem with the burgers being a little under cooked , but it was rectified very quickly . Would definitely recommend. 0 Replies Quality Southern Beast is delicious! I loved it. It was big, delicious and very meaty By ADMIN TEAM* 0 Replies Service Amazing service Service masters
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