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0 Replies Quality THE BEST Double Cheeseburger was incredibly tastey!
Fries perfect. Highly recommended and home cooked
0 Replies Quality New buns are Delicious New buns are fab and delicious as always. 0 Replies Our Fresh Bun Burger buns iv been ordering here for a while now and the old buns where decent but these new ones feel and taste so much better and hold the burger a lot better can’t wait to try the other burgers and see how the bigger ones will handle the new buns 0 Replies Quality bun love it whole burger was insane definitely get again (was the big cheese) long delivery time tho but worth it 0 Replies Our Fresh Bun New Bun Review Enjoyed the new bun - good job! Soft but structure remained in tact! 0 Replies Our Fresh Bun New Bun and Burger I love both the new burger and new bun. My go to order will always be the southern beast however the southern classic is up there as well. This is only made better by the new buns that are light with a texture that complements the burger. I tried the new rosemary fries as well, whilst they wouldn’t be my go to they are definitely a must try. 0 Replies Our Fresh Bun Not great Unfortunately we didn’t have a good experience with the burger or chips this order, the bun was extremely soggy, mushy round the edges. chips were cold :(
This isn’t usually the quality we receive when ordering it’s usually much better
0 Replies Quality Sub rolls..... As a long time smoque customer of Burgess Hill, I was shocked to see they had introduced new buns.

My usual order, the grilled cajun, double, with extra cheeses.

The old buns had been on a downward spiral, inconsistent cutting, buns reducing to almost nothing by the last bite, not to mention the lack of cheese retention.

I was willing to give the new 'bun' a shot.

Let's be straight here, it's a sub roll.

Tasty AF, But face it, its not a burger anymore.

It was a culinary delight as always, but please, sort out your bun slicing tekkers, and bring the old ones back.

Yours sincerely, King Julian.
0 Replies Quality Brilliant I Can't se le anybody being disappointed with this food. Chicken wings are a favourite for the Kids. I would say they are the King of Burgers. 😉 0 Replies Our Fresh Bun Great new buns We only have burgers from Smoque as they are high quality and always tasty. The new buns were delicious! 0 Replies Quality Outstanding Cannot fault Smoques. My wife is fussy with food and even she was impressed with the flavours and freshness 0 Replies Our Fresh Bun Tatsy Burger was extremely tasty and fresh!! 0 Replies Our Fresh Bun GJ Soft and fluffy buns, tastes great and compliments the burgers. 0 Replies Our Fresh Bun TT Burgers Try their new Buns, it’s next level lads 👌🏻 0 Replies Our Fresh Bun NEW BUNS The buns were incredible, you can definitely taste that they’re homemade. The buns were fresh, soft and addictive. If I could I’d buy an entire case of them I would. 0 Replies Service Best burger in town Been ordering for 4 years, it gets better every time 😋
Love their new buns, amazing flavor
Definitely recommend check them out.
0 Replies Quality The new burger buns are great We loved the new buns. Softer and tastier than the previous ones. Highly recommend and the staff at Islingword Road are great. Kind and professional 0 Replies Our Fresh Bun Our Favorite Spot! I'm actually typing as I'm eating.
I've been buying from here for a while, and today I've tried their new beef burger bun, while my partner tried the fillet seeded roll bread. So fresh, so delicious, no guilt at all.

I'm so glad we chose you guys. Well done! What you guys do is absolutely amazing.

Can't wait for the next one!
0 Replies Our Fresh Bun You've got to try their new burger buns SmoQue's is trialling their new burger buns in their Brighton store this month. And it was impressive. The buns are baked only 2 hours before the store opening. Honestly, it is super fresh, super soft and super tasty! Definitely recommend to bring them in full-time. 0 Replies Service Great friendly place Always lovely people at Smoques in Portland Road.
Great food and friendly staff whats not to like?
By Alan Webster
0 Replies Quality Great food, friendly staff Best burgers I've had in Brighton. Also tasty and extremely generous portions of fries with the meal deal. Great value for money and real friendly staff too. Love it :) 0 Replies Service Poor service Such a shame,used the burgess hill store for the first time. Order placed at 18:40 and arrived at 20:30 cold. Take away does not answer phone and when driver finally arrived I asked if food was hot. Driver said yes and ran away when challenged on wait time. First time using and will be the last. Worst service I have reciced from a Burgess hill take away in years. Food expensive and a £2.99 delivery charge for a 1 hour 50min wait for cold food. 4 Replies Service Gluten Free Hi guys,

Just wondering if gluten free buns will be returning to the menu soon? Would be a shame if they are gone forever as a lettuce wrap isn’t as nice!

0 Replies Quality Amazing IAM absolutely delighted and shocked!!
Fantastic meal and IAM not a big fan of burgers but this place is much better than 5 guys!!
It's simply ultra delicious!!
Will return of course!!
0 Replies Quality Best burger place Best burger in Brighton.

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