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1 Reply Quality Rosemary Fries Hello,

I was wondering if there are any plans to bring the Rosemary fries back to the menu? They are my favourite, and while the plain fries are still great, I really miss these!
By Joanna Haslam
1 Reply Quality HOW DOES YOUR FRIES TRAVEL? I was wondering how you make sure your fries travels hot to your customers? 3 Replies Delivery delivery due what's your delivery times at the moment? 0 Replies Delivery Good food, quick delivery, fair prices Great as always 👍 1 Reply Quality What in that sauce? How do you make your house garlic & herbs mayonnaise? It's so addictive 😋 1 Reply Quality I love Smoque Honestly honestly the food here is always fresh. and they make the best potato fries I never have to go anywhere else. I wish they were in every city xx 0 Replies Quality Mince pie cheesecake? Out of this world guyssss! It's actually amazing x 0 Replies Delivery Speedyy Delivery super speedy and still piping hot food. I will be back xx 0 Replies Cheesecake heaven best cheesecake everrrrrrrrrrrrr Just tried their Christmas Special the mince pie cheesecake.Something new and I have never tried it before. But I will come back again before it's off the menu again :)))))) Love you SmoQue Burger 0 Replies Delivery Happy customer Happy with my burgers tonight stay safe guys👍 0 Replies Service Zahr I walked down to the shop sunday night, in the rain to buy two chicken burger meals. I waited outside for 45 minutes and was ignored except for the lady who apologized when I finally got the food. When I got home the chips were rock solid.
0 Replies Quality Perfect Feeling a bit lazy tonight ordered a delivery. Great burgers and chips, quick delivery.!what more can you want? 0 Replies Quality Sarah carey Wow! All three of us have just eaten the best burger meal! Lovely fresh burger and great chips! We felt it was great value for money too! We highly recommend the burgers!!!! By Karl Carey 2 Replies Service Dissatisfied Waited over 2 hours, when our two meals turned up finally both burgers were Luke warm and one portion of chips missing. Shame Really as the foods good but the missus won’t be ordering again 1 Reply Quality Raw mushroom disappointment Ordered a Peppe Deluxe for myself and a Beanburger with grilled mushrooms and red onion for my neighbour.

Mine was ok, but the beanburger was dripping in grease, the red onion was some off cut, and the grilled mushrooms were still raw and looked OLD.

Disappointing. Regular customers let down here.
Great to have you back, but in the current situation you would think you would be doing your best to prepare everything properly!
By Nigel Parsons
1 Reply Quality great to have you back, but... we ordered online yesterday
delivery was very quick... great
burgers tasted fantastic...great

but the one reason i get away with smoque burger is my mrs love's the rosemary chips but the portion size i reckon was half what it has been in the past.

for £3.25 you would expect a fair amount of chips

come on guys, i need the chips to be generous so i can scrum your brilliant burgers
By tim power
3 Replies Delivery No bacon No bacon in bacon cheeseburger 1 Reply Service Milkshakes You should definitely start doing milkshakes as they would go well with burgers and would be a great addition in general By Doug 0 Replies Cheesecake heaven New desserts? Is the cheesecake heaven section new?
I ordered the no bake chocolate thing and can honestly say my mouth's just cum buckets. Sweet baby of the lord its good. i ate it like an apple and got it all over my face and clothes. 10/10 x
By charlotte vaughan-williams
0 Replies Quality Large fries ? Why have you stopped doing the large fries option on the app, I won’t be ordering again, this is a deal breaker for me 0 Replies Quality Best burgersss My fav burger place in Brighton, please start doing sweet potato fries 🤩 1 Reply Delivery Delivery driver with a bad attitude Ordered on and off for years over the various changes in ownership but never had to deal with a delivery driver with an abysmal attitude. First he called me because he was outside number 4 and couldn't find number 2 in spite of it being right next to it, then when he came to the door I said hello and he didn't respond. Passed me the first bag and I said "thank you", still no response. Passed me the 2nd bag and I said thank you again, still no response, at which point he turned around and walked off.
Contacted the restaurant immediately who apologised and seems genuinely dumbfounded, but reputation is everything and the damage is done, so we won't risk ordering again with that kind of person in possession of our food.
By Xander Nicholls
0 Replies SmoQue Coupons lewes road and the level coupons To receive A FREE coupon that includes 4X FREE items from our menu worth £20 find us on Lewes Road by The Level between 4pm to 5pm on 08/10/2019. We are the friendly faces in the SmoQue Burger uniform & Hat 😀 By SmoQue Admin 0 Replies Quality Unbelievable ....this is the best burger I have ever eaten. I had the cheddar something. It was the perfect size, everything u could want on a burger, fries were hot and crispy, dips nice, I am TINY but I ate thew hole lot hahaha. Time for a fag and a bottle over water.
Also delivery guy was SO hot. Hahaha 10/10 and I would give the meal 11/10 as well
By Charlotte Vaughan-Williams
0 Replies SmoQue Coupons Lewes Road Coupons To receive A FREE coupon that includes 4X FREE items from our menu worth £20 find us on Lewes Road between 5pm to 6pm on 20/09/2019. We are the friendly faces in the SmoQue Burger uniform & Hat 😀 By ADMIN TEAM*

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