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0 Replies Service Veggie options I know this is a long shot but I recently went vegetarian and I have had cravings for the Cajun chicken burger. If they were to create a meat free perhaps a tofu version of it there would be no doubt I’d be in there everyday ordering it for lunch. That Cajun mayonnaise is heavenly! 0 Replies Quality Disappointed Meal tonight I have always gone to SmoQue burger and always received great meals, sadly tonight I ordered the chicken burger tower which was very disappointing.

I ordered season fries and when I got home they weren’t which I called the Burgess Hill location to advise, they will sort something on the next bill,

But fries looked very pale as not been cooked, the burger again the chicken was not crispy - actually wet from the fat of the hash brown, the lettuce also was wet.

Very disappointed to say the least, burgers are fine but chicken burgers are not!!!
0 Replies Quality A Harmsworth My first taste was the chicken burger and it was AMAZING!! So delicious - crispy chicken was yummy and juicy - loved the fries too as they were definitely hand made and tasty - Thank you so much to whomever made my meal!!! 0 Replies Quality OUR PHILOSOPHY Our Philosophy

To put it frankly, we believe we can be a 100% self-sustained community.
0 Replies Quality Best veggie burger My favourite veggie burger in town and the best chips. I do wish you could add large fries to a single burger meal though, atm you can only add large fries to a double burger. Other than that it's perfect! 1 Reply Quality Order wrong Ordered using the app but didn’t let me add fries to one of the meals.

Asked for (and paid for) jalapeños on one burger and they weren’t on there and asked for no mayo on the other burger and it had mayo on.

Hamburger was great, chicken burgers not good and there is obviously a disconnect with the app as the amends above didn’t materialise :-(
1 Reply Fries Raw food Just had a delivery missing 1 can of dr pepper and my burger was under cooked and the chips were very greasy not coming bk By Andrew Phillips 1 Reply Delivery THIRD TIME UNLUCKY I was so excited when SmoQue burger first opened and placed an order using the app the very first weekend they opened.

There were some teething problems, turns out the app wasn’t working properly so I wasn’t sure the order had been placed. They were in a state of complete disarray in the shop itself but I figured give them a break, it was the opening weekend and everyone needs to find their feet.

My order was for delivery, the app let me select this but when I called I was told there was no delivery that weekend. So I jumped in the car and went and picked it up.

I then tried them again the following weekend. Placed the order on the app for collection. I went in, they didn’t have my order... not great. But they rectified it, placed the order in store, I waited, I got the burger.

Tried them again for the third time tonight and it was an utter calamity from the moment I placed the order.

Used the app, placed the order. After an hour I called to check where the food was as the app still said preparing. The guy on the phone sounded perplexed and went off for a minute or so before coming back to apologise and say that it was on its way and should be 10-15 mins.

He then called back to say that actually it wasn’t on its way, they were just preparing it and they would like to offer me a free dessert by way of apology. I chose 2 caramel slices and told them that this was the third time I’d had an issue with them.

Finally after waiting over 1hr 30 mins, the food arrives... we open the bags, the “apologetic dessert” wasn’t even in the bag!

A complete shower of s*** if I’m honest. I love to support local businesses I really do but I will not be going back to Smoque Burger. They need to seriously look at their issues with technology and communication.

If you do go there do not under any circumstances use the app or ask for delivery. You will be disappointed. Just go in, order, wait for you food and eat it. Or avoid it altogether!
1 Reply Service WRONGE ORDER The first time I went to get my lunch, I went to burgess Hill, instead of uncle Sam, as the cajun fries are great and thats why I pick smoque burger over uncle Sams. When i got back to work i found I had normal fries, so I gave smoque burger another chance.First I was waiting and no one acknowledged me, one person was on the phone the other person just answered the other phone. Then when I orderd my meal the person, was more interested in going out the back door, I ordered a plain burger with bbq sauce, I told them about my last visit, so they gave extra fries,I was lucky if half had cajun on them and very greasy also burger was not plain and didn't have the bbq sauce. not sure I'd want to back as they've messed up my order every time. I think they need to make sure that they get the customers orders right as they are not cheap and I would rather go to uncle Sams.
1 Reply Service Says my email is not registered during login, but says it is when I try to sign up? I've used my email to order and make an account before, and even have an email from smoqueburger. But now it won't let me login and says my email it doesn't exist when I try to change password. Then when I try to use the email in checkout and says it is already in use??

6 Replies Service Local branch closed I just ordered a burger to pop-in and collect, but didn't realise my local branch was closed. Why did the site let me go through with an order to be ready as soon as possible if the branch is closed? Can I get my money back? By NIK FOWLER 0 Replies Fries Great quality Fries cooked perfectly with seasoning spread well 1 Reply Access Burgess Hill Store Hurry up and open already - sooooo excited ! 0 Replies Quality What cuts of meat do you use? Looked on your website and just said fresh produce, What cuts of meat do you use for the patties? 1 Reply Quality Delicious! Hadn’t come across Smoque before now. The burgers and the fries are really really good - I preferred it to GBK and Five Guys by a long way! 0 Replies Quality Holy mother of god what is with the blue cheese. You guys are on point, but I'm not sure what happened when you decided to put blue cheese in that mushroom. Maybe it is just preference but holy mother of god I was gagging.

Other than that, keep up the good work!
0 Replies Quality AWESOME BURGERS I enjoyed that meal. Thanks SmoQue! By Frodo 1 Reply Delivery don't deliver to my postcode - but you do!!! On your website it states that you do not deliver to my address but you, I live about a 5 mins drive from your shop! BN2 3LN...I have to phone each time which is very inconvenient and annoying, so much so I'm now going to go elsewhere to get food. Please fix your website you must be losing lots of business. By Paul Hazell 1 Reply Quality Service was absolutely brilliant Everything was great, from service too delivery. We had a problem with the burgers being a little under cooked , but it was rectified very quickly . Would definitely recommend. 1 Reply Fries Friessssss It was hot and crispy By Frodo 0 Replies Quality Southern Beast is delicious! I loved it. It was big, delicious and very meaty By Frodo 0 Replies Service Amazing service Service masters

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