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0 Replies Quality Disappointed again!! Sorry to say once again very disappointed with the quality of the food just received. Has the location at Burgess Hill changed hands??

First Burger - when they first open they were amazing, size of this is no bigger than the competitor Macdonalds the road! Laking in filling but burger looks like it was vanished as the beef batty is so small!!

Chips were soggy and again portion size is again amount down the road.

I buy extra for a reason, better quality, better product but to me looks like they skimping on ingredients to save money, £11 for burger meals should be good quality!!

Sorry wont be coming back again! Enough opportunities and the food so inconsistent!!
0 Replies Quality Disappointed for the last time. Credit to SmoQue, when they get it right, it’s a fantastic meal. Sadly the inconsistency in the quality of service and meals recently make it hard to take the plunge. Last night was the worst, food took nearly two hours, we received the wrong delivery, and the quality was hardly worth the wait. Fries were soggy, oily, and cold. The staff were helpful enough. But for the price they charge I expect a better all around service. Sorry guys, will not be returning. 0 Replies Service Late order Just received my order 3 hours later to burnt food chips cold I’m not happy and tryed too call them and guess what no bloody answer By Katrina Fleet 0 Replies Delivery Food Placed an order tonight at 6.54 phoned them at 8.23 still no food apparently a driver down been phone img them ever since no answer it’s 9.09 still no food no Communication at all 0 Replies Delivery No food Been waiting nearly 3 hours for our delivery, tried calling to no avail.
Quick enough to take my money though.
What’s going on ????
0 Replies Delivery No communication whatsoever. Been waiting for my food for an hour and a half.
Tried calling them to get some information, but no one replies.
By Roberto Bello
0 Replies Delivery Food not arrived, waiting 2+ hours - No reply Ordered around 2 hours ago and have had no update on where my food is - tried calling multiple times and nobody answered. Almost always late delivery but this is ridiculous. By Kian Najarian 0 Replies Quality Order not correct again! Used to order all the time was great! Ordered a few months ago and completely messed the order up.
Just ordered tonight and collected, confirmed my order with them - my southern burger which should have 1 patti, bacon, cheese, mushrooms, battered onion rings, bbq sauce and mayo actually was missing mushrooms, onion rings, bbq sauce and mayo. Had burger sauce in and red onion.
Southern fried chips were so coated we couldn’t eat them.
Size of burgers so much smaller then before too. Really disappointed as we used to love this place.
By Chelsea Silburn
0 Replies Delivery Missing items no reply We have used Smoque Burger six times in a short period of time and love the food. I had two items missing on my last order I used contact us but no reply Very disappointed. By xx xx 0 Replies Quality Raw Burger!! Went to Burgess Hill takeaway, ordered Big Cheese meals and took them home. Staff were fine but the food was awful. Raw burgers just seared a little on the outside, the insides were not pink they were blood red raw. Soggy chips too!

I messaged them through the website and did not even get the courtesy of a reply.

0 Replies Quality Great food and service Thanks for the great food and quick delivery time, well worth the money! 0 Replies Quality Good burger but.... Just a received my food, unfortunately not what I ordered, tried ringing back to get the problem sorted and the phone just rang for 10 minutes. I normally wouldn’t mind but I just spent £11 on a customised burger and it isn’t what I ordered. Really would like to get this problem sorted as I love your restaurant but this isn’t the first time. 1 Reply Quality Customise When you customise a chicken fillet, it doesn't show what was added.
I customised mine, but got a standard burger, still good, but none of the extras.
By Ethan Kith
4 Replies Quality Nutrition chart Where can I see your nutritional value chart for all your products? Or can I be sent one? Just curious to know but I DO LOVE All your food, I order every week!
Thanks :)
0 Replies Service Good burger Absolutely brilliant. The burgers are delicious and the service is very good. 2 Replies Service Gluten Free Hi guys,

Just wondering if gluten free buns will be returning to the menu soon? Would be a shame if they are gone forever as a lettuce wrap isn’t as nice!

1 Reply Quality Rosemary Fries Hello,

I was wondering if there are any plans to bring the Rosemary fries back to the menu? They are my favourite, and while the plain fries are still great, I really miss these!
By Joanna Haslam
1 Reply Quality HOW DOES YOUR FRIES TRAVEL? I was wondering how you make sure your fries travels hot to your customers? 3 Replies Delivery delivery due what's your delivery times at the moment? 0 Replies Delivery Good food, quick delivery, fair prices Great as always 👍 1 Reply Quality What in that sauce? How do you make your house garlic & herbs mayonnaise? It's so addictive 😋 1 Reply Quality I love Smoque Honestly honestly the food here is always fresh. and they make the best potato fries I never have to go anywhere else. I wish they were in every city xx 0 Replies Quality Mince pie cheesecake? Out of this world guyssss! It's actually amazing x 0 Replies Delivery Speedyy Delivery super speedy and still piping hot food. I will be back xx 0 Replies Cheesecake heaven best cheesecake everrrrrrrrrrrrr Just tried their Christmas Special the mince pie cheesecake.Something new and I have never tried it before. But I will come back again before it's off the menu again :)))))) Love you SmoQue Burger

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