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0 Replies Service Late order Just received my order 3 hours later to burnt food chips cold I’m not happy and tryed too call them and guess what no bloody answer By Katrina Fleet 0 Replies Service Good burger Absolutely brilliant. The burgers are delicious and the service is very good. 2 Replies Service Gluten Free Hi guys,

Just wondering if gluten free buns will be returning to the menu soon? Would be a shame if they are gone forever as a lettuce wrap isn’t as nice!

0 Replies Service Zahr I walked down to the shop sunday night, in the rain to buy two chicken burger meals. I waited outside for 45 minutes and was ignored except for the lady who apologized when I finally got the food. When I got home the chips were rock solid.
2 Replies Service Dissatisfied Waited over 2 hours, when our two meals turned up finally both burgers were Luke warm and one portion of chips missing. Shame Really as the foods good but the missus won’t be ordering again 1 Reply Service Milkshakes You should definitely start doing milkshakes as they would go well with burgers and would be a great addition in general By Doug 0 Replies Service Veggie options I know this is a long shot but I recently went vegetarian and I have had cravings for the Cajun chicken burger. If they were to create a meat free perhaps a tofu version of it there would be no doubt I’d be in there everyday ordering it for lunch. That Cajun mayonnaise is heavenly! 1 Reply Service WRONGE ORDER The first time I went to get my lunch, I went to burgess Hill, instead of uncle Sam, as the cajun fries are great and thats why I pick smoque burger over uncle Sams. When i got back to work i found I had normal fries, so I gave smoque burger another chance.First I was waiting and no one acknowledged me, one person was on the phone the other person just answered the other phone. Then when I orderd my meal the person, was more interested in going out the back door, I ordered a plain burger with bbq sauce, I told them about my last visit, so they gave extra fries,I was lucky if half had cajun on them and very greasy also burger was not plain and didn't have the bbq sauce. not sure I'd want to back as they've messed up my order every time. I think they need to make sure that they get the customers orders right as they are not cheap and I would rather go to uncle Sams.
1 Reply Service Says my email is not registered during login, but says it is when I try to sign up? I've used my email to order and make an account before, and even have an email from smoqueburger. But now it won't let me login and says my email it doesn't exist when I try to change password. Then when I try to use the email in checkout and says it is already in use??

6 Replies Service Local branch closed I just ordered a burger to pop-in and collect, but didn't realise my local branch was closed. Why did the site let me go through with an order to be ready as soon as possible if the branch is closed? Can I get my money back? By NIK FOWLER 0 Replies Service Amazing service Service masters

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