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0 Replies Service Best burger in town Been ordering for 4 years, it gets better every time 😋
Love their new buns, amazing flavor
Definitely recommend check them out.
0 Replies Service Great friendly place Always lovely people at Smoques in Portland Road.
Great food and friendly staff whats not to like?
By Alan Webster
0 Replies Service Poor service Such a shame,used the burgess hill store for the first time. Order placed at 18:40 and arrived at 20:30 cold. Take away does not answer phone and when driver finally arrived I asked if food was hot. Driver said yes and ran away when challenged on wait time. First time using and will be the last. Worst service I have reciced from a Burgess hill take away in years. Food expensive and a £2.99 delivery charge for a 1 hour 50min wait for cold food. 4 Replies Service Gluten Free Hi guys,

Just wondering if gluten free buns will be returning to the menu soon? Would be a shame if they are gone forever as a lettuce wrap isn’t as nice!

0 Replies Service Customization It would be nice if it is allowed to customize the bundle deal from french fries to onion rings. Since the cajunised and southern fries are the same price as onion rings, I expect there would be no harm for the shop either. Would be helpful for people with preferences. Otherwise, burgers taste delicious and extraordinary. Dips are out of the world. Big fan. 0 Replies Service Very thoughtful Ordered food at 8pm and received it at around 9.30pm .
I must say I was getting impatient and frustrated from hunger and delay but the staff do care and it was very sweet what I received in the end. Received and extra sweet thing with my order that I originally didn't order and two extra sauce pots. All stapled together with a handwritten note (really sweet touch on the order) saying how deeply sorry they are and thanking me for patience. I can see you guys had a tough evening on today but you still cared so much in the end by writing a note yourself. Thank you for your service.
By Iiris P
0 Replies Service Order Declined Both my wife and I are often getting an ‘Order Declined’ message when trying to order. There’s no explanation why — for me we dropped the BlueMonday code and it worked, albeit without a discount. My wife basically always gets this error no matter what and can no longer order anything! What causes this? 0 Replies Service Order Issues, Inconsistent, but delicious I started ordering from smoque’s send of last year and while I can honestly say that I’ve had some of the best burgers in brighton from here I’ve also had some of the biggest headaches from here too. At least 40-30% of the time something is forgotten from the order, most frequently dips, but had missing drinks, chips, and sides. The new headache is your promotional code "BluesMonday", I have tried multiple times to enter the code only to be told "invalid promotional code" when it’s clearly displayed in the menu - and yes, it is typed in not added to the order as an item. And now your app has taken it upon itself to place an order when I wasn’t ready and still going round in circles trying to add the promo! Pretty pissed to be honest!

Fix the site then fix your service! Do that and you’ll be one of the best burger bars in brighton. Don’t: and you’ll have a list of as long as your arm of people pissed at your sub-par service. 2/5 stars (could easily be 5/5 stars)
By Chris Davis
0 Replies Service Good burger Absolutely brilliant. The burgers are delicious and the service is very good. 0 Replies Service Zahr I walked down to the shop sunday night, in the rain to buy two chicken burger meals. I waited outside for 45 minutes and was ignored except for the lady who apologized when I finally got the food. When I got home the chips were rock solid.
2 Replies Service Dissatisfied Waited over 2 hours, when our two meals turned up finally both burgers were Luke warm and one portion of chips missing. Shame Really as the foods good but the missus won’t be ordering again 1 Reply Service Milkshakes You should definitely start doing milkshakes as they would go well with burgers and would be a great addition in general By Doug 0 Replies Service Veggie options I know this is a long shot but I recently went vegetarian and I have had cravings for the Cajun chicken burger. If they were to create a meat free perhaps a tofu version of it there would be no doubt I’d be in there everyday ordering it for lunch. That Cajun mayonnaise is heavenly! 1 Reply Service Says my email is not registered during login, but says it is when I try to sign up? I've used my email to order and make an account before, and even have an email from smoqueburger. But now it won't let me login and says my email it doesn't exist when I try to change password. Then when I try to use the email in checkout and says it is already in use??

6 Replies Service Local branch closed I just ordered a burger to pop-in and collect, but didn't realise my local branch was closed. Why did the site let me go through with an order to be ready as soon as possible if the branch is closed? Can I get my money back? By NIK FOWLER 0 Replies Service Amazing service Service masters

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