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0 Replies Delivery Order filly corrected I posted about missing fries. When i did get through to smoque today they were great and sent fries syraight away. WITH burgers. So repect. Back to great service and burgera and friws were fantatstic. As per usual By Patrick Whiting 0 Replies Delivery Food Placed an order tonight at 6.54 phoned them at 8.23 still no food apparently a driver down been phone img them ever since no answer it’s 9.09 still no food no Communication at all 3 Replies Delivery delivery due what's your delivery times at the moment? 0 Replies Delivery Good food, quick delivery, fair prices Great as always 👍 0 Replies Delivery Speedyy Delivery super speedy and still piping hot food. I will be back xx 0 Replies Delivery Happy customer Happy with my burgers tonight stay safe guys👍 3 Replies Delivery No bacon No bacon in bacon cheeseburger 1 Reply Delivery Delivery driver with a bad attitude Ordered on and off for years over the various changes in ownership but never had to deal with a delivery driver with an abysmal attitude. First he called me because he was outside number 4 and couldn't find number 2 in spite of it being right next to it, then when he came to the door I said hello and he didn't respond. Passed me the first bag and I said "thank you", still no response. Passed me the 2nd bag and I said thank you again, still no response, at which point he turned around and walked off.
Contacted the restaurant immediately who apologised and seems genuinely dumbfounded, but reputation is everything and the damage is done, so we won't risk ordering again with that kind of person in possession of our food.
By Xander Nicholls
1 Reply Delivery THIRD TIME UNLUCKY I was so excited when SmoQue burger first opened and placed an order using the app the very first weekend they opened.

There were some teething problems, turns out the app wasn’t working properly so I wasn’t sure the order had been placed. They were in a state of complete disarray in the shop itself but I figured give them a break, it was the opening weekend and everyone needs to find their feet.

My order was for delivery, the app let me select this but when I called I was told there was no delivery that weekend. So I jumped in the car and went and picked it up.

I then tried them again the following weekend. Placed the order on the app for collection. I went in, they didn’t have my order... not great. But they rectified it, placed the order in store, I waited, I got the burger.

Tried them again for the third time tonight and it was an utter calamity from the moment I placed the order.

Used the app, placed the order. After an hour I called to check where the food was as the app still said preparing. The guy on the phone sounded perplexed and went off for a minute or so before coming back to apologise and say that it was on its way and should be 10-15 mins.

He then called back to say that actually it wasn’t on its way, they were just preparing it and they would like to offer me a free dessert by way of apology. I chose 2 caramel slices and told them that this was the third time I’d had an issue with them.

Finally after waiting over 1hr 30 mins, the food arrives... we open the bags, the “apologetic dessert” wasn’t even in the bag!

A complete shower of s*** if I’m honest. I love to support local businesses I really do but I will not be going back to Smoque Burger. They need to seriously look at their issues with technology and communication.

If you do go there do not under any circumstances use the app or ask for delivery. You will be disappointed. Just go in, order, wait for you food and eat it. Or avoid it altogether!
1 Reply Delivery don't deliver to my postcode - but you do!!! On your website it states that you do not deliver to my address but you, I live about a 5 mins drive from your shop! BN2 3LN...I have to phone each time which is very inconvenient and annoying, so much so I'm now going to go elsewhere to get food. Please fix your website you must be losing lots of business. By Paul Hazell

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