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Delivery driver with a bad attitude
By Xander Nicholls

Ordered on and off for years over the various changes in ownership but never had to deal with a delivery driver with an abysmal attitude. First he called me because he was outside number 4 and couldn't find number 2 in spite of it being right next to it, then when he came to the door I said hello and he didn't respond. Passed me the first bag and I said "thank you", still no response. Passed me the 2nd bag and I said thank you again, still no response, at which point he turned around and walked off.
Contacted the restaurant immediately who apologised and seems genuinely dumbfounded, but reputation is everything and the damage is done, so we won't risk ordering again with that kind of person in possession of our food.

RE: Delivery driver with a bad attitude

Good morning Xander

I truly am very sorry to hear about this poor experience you had with one of our drivers. Please rest assured this will not happen again 🙏 our drivers work relentless driving back and forth all night come rain or shine and although we hope they will great you with a smile some nights are always harder than others. Of course this is no excuse and I would like to apologise on behalf of this member of staff. However, it would be such a shame to lose you based on the acts of one of our drivers having a tough night when we have all the people that work so hard to make your order behind the scenes from our prep chef that hand cuts and minces you’re burgers everyday... to the expert griller that cooks each patty to perfection every time. I really am sorry for this incident but please do rest assured it won’t happen again! We hope to see you again soon.

Team SmoQue


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