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Why have forum

Why have a forum? No one answers, terrible customer service

RE: Why have forum


We are always happy to help.

Do you have any question you have to ask from us?


RE: Why have forum

Yes, why have you stopped the option to have large fries ?

RE: Why have forum

Hello there,

We continuously study our menu to serve our customers with the best possible options. There are two reasons we temporarily stopped serving super-large portion fries: Reason one: Based on many feedbacks we have received from customers, this portion was very large and most of our guests mentioned they always had left-overs. They were happier with a smaller portion at a lower cost. Reason two: cost of ingredients, potatoes in this case, sky-rocketed in the past three years. We have been taking in its additional cost for three years hoping prices will go down again, but unfortunately it has not. As a small business we do not receive pre-warning regarding these price-hikes and we absolutely try our best to not pass these costs on to our customers. There are multiple reasons behind this price hike.

We aim to re-introduce this option back as 'family fries' in the future once we can offer it again for our customers. Your feedback will certainly count towards its re-introduction.


RE: Why have forum

Well I certainly didn’t think the portion was to large, and if customers think that, then they have the option to order regular fries, I would have certainly paid more for large, you have lost a customer because of your cost cutting, well done 👍 bye

RE: Why have forum

We are really sorry to hear this.

As we pointed out, we are not in control of outside factors affecting the price of raw ingredients. Especially when they increase by 200%. We are a small family run business and source our ingredients locally. Our potatoes come from Sussex, right here! Therefore, what you are guaranteed from us is a quality product that supports local business and reduces carbon footprint which is a serious global issue currently. In terms of the pricing we strongly believe we are much fairer than most of our competitors, including large brands, who can afford to buy their items at bulk prices and mostly is imported. Our reduced portion size is still much larger than most burger restaurants & takeaways.

We must maintain our portion sizes & pricing in a way to ensure we can serve our customers for long-term. Hopefully you change your mind and continue to support us in the future 🙏

Thank you for supporting us until today.



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