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Quality Guarantee

  • Always Fresh

    Our outlet gets its meats & vegetables from local suppliers delivered 7 days a week for guaranteed freshness. We know what that means = Throw out the Freezer!

  • Quick & Reliable

    Our mission is to grill our freshly made Handmade Burgers promptly and piping hot, every time! We bring it to you in any way that you like it:
    1) you can visit us in any outlet
    2) have it delivered to your door or
    3) order from your car and wait outside until we bring it out to you! Have it conveniently, have it your way!

  • Handmade

    All our Burgers are handmade, wrapped in foil and signed individually for each fan. We do not like to brag about it, but if you wish to surprise that special someone a personal message on his favourite food, we can help you with that!

    Our Handmade food doesn’t stop there; we also have a range of selected sides and a wide range of delicious sauces to accompany those delicious Burgers.

  • Made to Order

    Well, the meaning is in the title, isn’t it?... No Burger starts its lifecycle in our Burger factory until we receive your instructions! It is truly Made To Order. If you have not seen it yet, then we recommend you visit your nearest outlet. It is quite a show we’ve heard!

  • A Family's Choice

    Our menu has choice for everyone in your Family. We love our Champs and have a selection of dedicated meal sizes and juices just for these heroes. Also we challenge their true heroes, the Dads, to take on the biggest food challenge in their life; our Challenger Burgers.

  • Friendly Delivery Choice

    Our prompt and friendly delivery service allows you to track down your order and the delivery time from your account- step by step from the factory line to your door. It is that simple!


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