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The first time I went to get my lunch, I went to burgess Hill, instead of uncle Sam, as the cajun fries are great and thats why I pick smoque burger over uncle Sams. When i got back to work i found I had normal fries, so I gave smoque burger another chance.First I was waiting and no one acknowledged me, one person was on the phone the other person just answered the other phone. Then when I orderd my meal the person, was more interested in going out the back door, I ordered a plain burger with bbq sauce, I told them about my last visit, so they gave extra fries,I was lucky if half had cajun on them and very greasy also burger was not plain and didn't have the bbq sauce. not sure I'd want to back as they've messed up my order every time. I think they need to make sure that they get the customers orders right as they are not cheap and I would rather go to uncle Sams.


Dear Customer,

Thank you so much for giving us your feedback from your recent visit to SmoQue Burger. We are deeply sorry that we had not met your expectations.

We have a brand new team in Burgess Hill and are working very hard to ensure silly mistakes like this never happen. We have certainly eliminated many of the early day mistakes and most days go without any issues. However, we still make mistakes and would love it if we have the chance to make it up to our customers. If you still like to give us a third chance, on your next visit simply mention the same customisation you would like on your burger and feel free to ask for the manager if you would like additional attention given to your order :)

We understand that our prices may be slightly higher than some classic chains but what we guarantee is to serve you the highest quality of ingredients, all produces in-house from raw & fresh to cooked and full of flavours. All this requires our chefs to start prepping from early hours in the morning and throughout the day to ensure that your food is prepared and cooked for you to perfection. At the end of the day we eliminated all the freezers in all our stores to guarantee freshness :)

We are also currently running a very attractive lunch time deal that includes all our signature burgers in Burgess Hill :)

We hope to see you very soon.

Store Manager (Burgess Hill)


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