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Raw mushroom disappointment
By Nigel Parsons

Ordered a Peppe Deluxe for myself and a Beanburger with grilled mushrooms and red onion for my neighbour.

Mine was ok, but the beanburger was dripping in grease, the red onion was some off cut, and the grilled mushrooms were still raw and looked OLD.

Disappointing. Regular customers let down here.
Great to have you back, but in the current situation you would think you would be doing your best to prepare everything properly!

RE: Raw mushroom disappointment

Hello Nigel,

We are very sorry to hear some part of your order has not met your expectations. Please contact your local store and have your order number at hand ORDxxxxx. We are certain they will rectify the issue for you and ensure you will be treated to our best of ability.

Thank you for letting us know and we will try our best to provide you with a great service next time.

Kind Regards,


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