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Nutrition chart

Where can I see your nutritional value chart for all your products? Or can I be sent one? Just curious to know but I DO LOVE All your food, I order every week!
Thanks :)

RE: Nutrition chart
By Jamie McKernan

I'd also love to know rough nutritional content. I get the Southern Beast burger as it seems high in protein without too many excess calories.

Obviously Smoque isn't clean eating but I'd like to imagine it isn't the worst thing in the world. A rough guide would be brilliant!

RE: Nutrition chart

You're not going to get nutrition charts on handmade items.

RE: Nutrition chart

Hi Jamie,

We can provide you with a guide as requested on specific items, but as one reader also mentioned above, all our products are handmade in-house and it is difficult to be exact.

Note: We never add food additives or preservatives to any of our handmade products. And we do consider it healthy and nutritional. Our beef burgers are flame grilled, ( specific premium cut and grass-fed) and much healthier compared to fried method used by almost every other burger joint. We have a considerable health-conscious and gym-goers following who regularly use us as their cheat meal but they consider us as the perfect one ;)

The Southern Beast according to our research has around 752.26-800~ calories as it is a double 4.5oz beef patty.

Other popular items:
French fries (regular): 298-328 calories
French fries (small): 152-172 calories
Onion Rings (5 slices - sizes differ): 164.4-180~ calories
3x chicken strips: 273-293 calories

Hope this helps! 🙏


RE: Nutrition chart

That’s a ridiculous thing to say, are you saying that any restaurant that serves handmade food couldn’t tell you the ingredients that goes into it? Or the allergens? So who ever made it doesn’t know what they put in it?


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