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Gluten Free

Hi guys,

Just wondering if gluten free buns will be returning to the menu soon? Would be a shame if they are gone forever as a lettuce wrap isn’t as nice!


RE: Gluten Free

Hi there,

We are currently out-of-stock of this product and have not found another great alternative that matches the quality. We are hoping our supplier will be able to supply us with this product in the coming weeks again.

Many Thanks,

RE: Gluten Free
By Tom Coare

Thanks for the reply! 🤞🏻

RE: Gluten Free

Hi, has this been sorted yet? I cant see any gluten free burger options, cant even see an option to go bunless...

RE: Gluten Free

Hi there,

Yes absolutely. We offer gluten-free bun on all our burgers. Please click on your desired burger and then 'customise'. This would allow you to add Gluten-free bun.

Hope this helps :)

Admin, Sep


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